Booka Shade
  • @ 10 Days Off, Belgium, July 20th: “The Booka Shade live experience posits them as the true heirs of Depeche Mode’s take on electronic pop music: a band as much at ease with digital studio trickeries as it is in front of a large stadium audience (no wonder DM wanted them to be their opening act last summer) or a sweaty underground club. When you think about it, Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier are the sole contemporary dance producers who are really feeling alive when playing live; more power to them for doing it without a main frontman or a female vocalist: the accent is all on the transcendent and federative power of the music itself, as their live version of ‘Body Language’ proves. In 2006, Booka Shade brilliantly demonstrated that they indeed are the masters of that proverbial art of body language: they only band around that can make you move while moving you." – Stéphane Girard

Contributors: Jeremy Armitage, Peter Chambers, Richard Chinn, Paul Clement, Cameron Eeles, Stéphane Girard, Chris Hobson, Ben Hogwood, Nico Ilickovic, Mohson Iqbal, Matt Langler, Alex Macpherson, Joshua Meggitt, Dave Noonan, Barry O'Donoghue, Siana Petro, Dave Rinehart, Nick Sabine, Kiran Sande, Christopher Thomarios, Robbie Younan.
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